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BWCE / BW6.x Design Document Generator

BWCE / BW6 Design Document Generator provides automation to quickly and easily generate comprehensive design documents for your TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition (BWCE) 6.x projects or EAR files, complete with all the necessary information and visuals. It generates a detailed technical design document with UML activity diagrams for each process and cross-references for sub-processes. It can process single or multiple project source code or EAR files. Upload your project / EAR below and generate detailed design document below. No more manual data entry or formatting - just input your BW project / EAR below and let the generator do the rest.



  • You can generate the design document by uploading single EAR file or a zip file which contains one or more BWCE / BW6 projects or EAR files. For uploading single BWCE project, make sure, you zip the module folder, or export the BW6 project using File --> Export --> Studio Projects to Archive and use the exported Zip file. For uploading multiple BW projects, zip the parent folder that contains multiple BW projects or EAR files. Please refer to Docs for more details
  • Select Project Format accordingly, upload your project by clicking on Choose File and click on the button "Create Design Doc". This should generate the design document as a downloadable word document. It is as simple as that!

UML Activity Diagrams for Process Definitions

  • For each BW process and sub-process flows, BWCE / BW6 Design Document Generator creates a detailed UML Activity diagram. The process logic in the process definition is depicted in the activity diagram in standard UML format and depicts the conditional transitions, grouping of activities and the error processing flows. As an example, look at the following BW process definition depicted in the Business Studio. As an example, look at the following BW process definition depicted in the Business Studio. The process flow logs the incoming request and leverages Repeat on Error group to query database records. The shared variable is updated with the retrieved records in a critical section group. On successful completion, a log entry is created. In error flow, a Retry error is created. bwce_Process_Definition
  • BWCE Design Document Generator reads this process definition and automatically creates the corresponding UML Activity diagram as shown below. bwce_Uml_Activity_Daigram
  • As depicted above, the flow is represented as an UML Activity diagram with conditional transition represented as multiple flows. The components of a group are presented under the DB retry group. The success and error flows are represented as alternate group flows according to the UML notation.

Key Features

Free Version

  • Multiple Projects / EAR files: You can create a detailed design document of source code of single or multiple projects or multiple EAR files. When multiple projects / EAR files are provided as input, it can generate cross-references across projects for process definitions
  • UML notation: BWCE / BW6 Design Document Generator creates detailed UML Activity diagram for each process flow. The activity diagram represents the process definition flow including the conditional transitions, iteration groups and alternate exception handling paths.
  • Statistics: As part of the documentation, summary metrics of each project are generated for number of processes, connections, module properties, activities, transitions and mappings. The document also contains links to referenced connections, resources and called processes

Enterprise Version

  • Deployment Flexibility: Available as enterprise on-premise (command line and web version) or hosted SaaS solution. It can run on Operating System of choice - Windows, Linux, Solaris etc. or any IaaS platform - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.
  • Process Source Repo: The enterprise command line version can be run against a parent folder or source code repository that contains multiple projects / EAR files. The tool can be run against a Production deployment to keep the documentation consistent with the current deployed code.
  • CI - CD Integration: BWCE Design Document Generator can be integrated with Jenkins or any CI-CD framework to generate design document. The generated design document can be sent as email attachment as part of the Build pipeline.
  • Custom Look and Feel: You can provide custom Word document template to change the Logo, header, footer along with fonts, tables, indentation etc. in the generated document
  • Customization Options: You can provide an XML based customization rules to customize the output. You can add content to certain sections, control which sections to display and ignore etc.


Automated BWCE Design Document Generator saves you significant time and effort. It also helps improve the accuracy and completeness of your documentation. By automating the process, you can be confident that all necessary information is included and up-to-date, leading to a better overall understanding of your business processes.

But that's not all - an automated design document generator can also help with version control and collaboration. With the ability to track changes and compare versions, you can easily see how your BW project has evolved over time and ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page.

So why waste time and energy creating design documents manually when you can streamline the process with an automated Tibco BW design document generator? Start enjoying the benefits of this powerful tool today and take your documentation to the next level.