Enterprise Cloud Version

  • BW 5.x and BW 6.x and BE projects 5.x and below are supported. Choose the appropriate page. You can upload a zip file which contains one or more BW/BE projects or EAR files
  • For uploading single BW/BE project, zip the root folder of the project as shown below. For BW6, make sure, you zip the module folder, or export the BW6 project using File --> Export -->Studio Projects to Archive and use the exported Zip file. Single_project
  • For uploading multiple BW/BE projects, zip the parent folder that contains multiple BW/BE projects as shown below. Multiple_project
  • For uploading single EAR file, upload the EAR file directly.
  • For uploading multiple EAR files, zip the parent folder that contains multiple EAR files as shown below. Name the file with the extension Multiple_project
  • Choose input format, output format as Excel or PDF and click on Generate Report

Enterprise On-premise version

  • BW Code Scanner and BE Code Scanner require Java7 or above to function. BCS requires a fair amount of memory to operate well. Smaller installations should start around 256MB-1GB.
  • Alternatively, if you have a servlet container that supports Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0, such as Glassfish v2, Tomcat 5 (or any later versions), then you can run them as services, and deploy bwcodescanner.war / becodescanner.war as you would any other war file.
  • For Tomcat, just drop bwcodescanner.war in webapps folder and start tomcat instance.
  • For operational instructions, see the documentation above for Cloud version.


What is scanned for BW?

  • All Process definitions
  • Connections for BW palettes that ship with default BW. MQ plugin connections included. Additional plugins support is coming soon


What is scanned for BE?

  • All Rules, Rule Functions, Concepts, Events, Channels and CDD files
  • Connections and GVs