Free Version

Free to use

  • 100+ BW rules and 75+ BE rules included in Scan
  • Project File size limit of 100 KB
  • Shared cloud instance for multiple users/enterprises
  • Rules uncover design issues, hard-coded values and potential bugs
  • Supports scanning of multiple projects (OR) multiple EAR files in zip file
  • Provides report in PDF and Excel formats
  • Limited to 3 projects per IP Address per day. Limited to 10 projects per month per customer
  • Source code or EAR files NOT stored in Cloud. Data is transient in memory and erased with garbage collection instantaneously
  • Useful as trial test before purchase

Enterprise Cloud Version

Contact us for pricing

  • All Free Version Features plus...
  • Dedicated cloud instance for the enterprise
  • Project File size limit of 15 MB
  • Provides report in XML, PDF, Excel formats
  • No limits on number of projects scanned per day
  • Full enterprise version with enterprise support
  • Granular control with Rules Override option to customize rules as per requirements
  • Cloud APIs for Integration with Jenkins or any other build tools to break the build and email reports
  • SonarQube plugin to integrate Enterprise cloud instance with cloud / on-prem SonarQube server

Enterprise on-premise

Less than cost of offshore developer. Contact us for pricing

  • All Enterprise Cloud Version Features plus...
  • In-house deployment for an enterprise
  • No Project File size limit
  • Supports multiple projects recursively from parent repository
  • Source code or EAR files scanned on your own servers
  • Integration options with Jenkins or other build tools to generate reports locally and break the builds for a severity threshold
  • Ability to customize email report
  • SonarQube plugin executes on local on-premise instance and pushes results to SonarQube server