• BW & BE Code Scanner

    Code Review Automation / Governance Solution for TIBCO BW 5.x, 6.x & BE


  • Typical BW project has 20-30 processes and BE project has about 20-30 business rules
  • Typical BW process instance has 10-20 activities & BE business rule has references to 4-5 Concepts, Rule Functions, events etc.
  • Very time-consuming to verify code/configuration of each activity for BW or rule, rule function for BE
  • BW Code Scanner provides 100+ rules & BE Code Scanner provides 75+ rules to evaluate for bugs and best practices
  • Helps avoid costly re-deployment cycles and production issues
  • Govern development quality of SI providers' codebase
  • Control quality and quantity of code delivered to business


  • 100+ BW and 75+ BE Coding Violation Rules
  • Works with TIBCO BW 5.x and 6.x versions and BE 5.x version and below
  • On-premise and cloud versions
  • Reporting in PDF, Excel and XML Formats
  • SonarQube Integration
  • CWE classification for security related bugs
  • Static analysis to find bugs
  • Support for source code, EAR files
  • Support for multiple projects / EARs
  • Build your own rules in Xpath for BW

Coming Soon

  • Support for additional plugins scan for BW