• BW & BE Code Scanner

    TIBCO BW 5.x, 6.x & BE Code Review Automation Service or Governance Solution

Why BW and BE Code Scanner

BW and BE Code Scanner provide code review automation of TIBCO BW (BusinessWorks) 5.x or 6.x or BWCE and BE (BusinessEvents) projects for validating hard-coded values, adherence to standards and best practices, optimization opportunities and known patterns of defects


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  • Typical BW project has 20-30 processes and BE project has about 20-30 business rules
  • Typical BW process instance has 10-20 activities & BE business rule has references to 4-5 Concepts, Rule Functions, events etc.
  • Very time-consuming to verify code/configuration of each activity for BW or rule, rule function for BE
  • BW Code Scanner provides 100+ rules & BE Code Scanner provides 75+ rules to evaluate for bugs and best practices
  • Helps avoid costly re-deployment cycles and production issues
  • Govern development quality of SI providers' codebase
  • Control quality and quantity of code delivered to business


  • BW 5.x Code Scanner
  • BusinessWorks 6.x Code Scanner
  • BusinessEvents (BE) Code Scanner
  • Sonarqube plugin for BW 5.x Code Scanner
  • Sonar plugin for BW 6.x Code Scanner
  • SonarQube plugin for BusinessEvents (BE) Code Scanner
  • BW 5.x Design Document Generator
  • BW 5.x EAR File Comparator


  • 100+ BW and 75+ BE Coding Violation Rules
  • Works with TIBCO BW 5.x and 6.x versions and BE 5.x version and below
  • On-premise and cloud versions
  • Reporting in PDF, Excel and XML Formats
  • SonarQube Integration
  • CWE classification for security related bugs
  • Static analysis to find bugs
  • Support for source code, EAR files
  • Support for multiple projects / EARs
  • Rules override platform to customize the rules